Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workday/Schoolnight - Plastic Ocean (2010)

Using roughly 6 different consumer keyboards from the 1980s (casios, yamahas, kawais), a hammond rhythm machine, a bank of drum samples, and dozens of cassette tapes bought from thrift stores (as well as some other stuff), "Plastic Ocean" flows between experimental found sounds and synth-punk songs. Clocking in at over 70 minutes, "Plastic Ocean" keeps the listener tuned in by often times speaking directly to him or her. So, this may not be the best choice of music to listen to while multitasking. Alienation, opression, cyncism about the world's state, and some good ole antiestablishmentarianism are present in the more "punk", or "post-punk" if you would prefer, portions of the album. The songs are put in an unsettling light when juxtaposed with self-hypnotic tapes, daily affirmations,nt tapes, and vocabulary lessons. memory improvement

.Track Listing:
1.Tapes on Tapes 1
2. Be Positive (Subliminal Series)
3. People Crusher
4. Family Security
5. Survivalist's Advice
6. Reset
7. Health Slave
8. Shopping for Poison
9. The Talker
10. Dead Doctors Don't Lie
11. Affordable Living
12. Nervous Illnesses (featuring Rhythm 1001)
13. Humans and Computers
14. My Creation
15. In My Voice, It Sounds Like This
16. Trash Machine
17. Affirmations
18. Major Metropolitan Low Ambition
19. Plastic Ocean
20. Tapes on Tapes 2
21. Words Control



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