Sunday, October 18, 2009

Casual Curious - Speed, Madness, Flying Saucers (2009)

Combining electronics, synths and samples with a groovy backing band, Casual Curious recorded this ep almost a year ago. The band is now a duo, but is still staying true to the sounds present on this recording. Effected warbling vocals, catchy melodies and a beat you can bob your head to, CC is proving to be one of the best live acts in town.

The creative force behind the band is T. Lee Gunselman whose influences are a little hard to peg down. Talking Heads are certainly present, as well as some post-rock jazz like Tortoise.

The recording here features:
Alex Barbato on bass
Reed Benjamin on drums
Issac Boswell on guitars
and T. Lee Gunselman on everything else

Nowadays when they play live it's just Gunselman on keys, sampler and vocals and drummer James Crosson, together creating a good mix of electronic synth sound with exceptional modern jazz/rock drumming.

visit them at their myspace page to see when they are playing next

Speed, Madness, Flying Saucers (2009):
1. Codes
2. Problems
3. Sea Vermin
4. Bottles
5. Satyrday
6. Homecoming

Download it here

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