Monday, May 18, 2009

INVISIBLE - "Irresponsibly Electric" (2009)

INVISIBLE's post-post-post-punk-rock debut. Recorded in 2008 when they were consistently playing as a four piece with experimental electronicist Dan Kaufman (the Neon Sea, Miso Skitzo).

The first 9 songs on "Irresponsibly Electric" find INVISIBLE playfully at their gnarliest: noise battles & surf rock, death-core & dance-grooves, war screams & dub-reggae. After exorcising their punk rock demons with various genrecidal techniques, INVISIBLE closes the album out on a relaxing long collage of improvisational pieces using instruments found in an elementary school's music room as well as electronic beats, live sampling, and guitars.

This album is available for purchase from the band and some local stores (Greensboro - Maya Gallery). There were only 100 physical copies made and most have found homes. Being that this incarnation of INVISIBLE is no more, there are no plans on making more copies.

Check out INVISIBLE's web page for too many videos and pictures, plus info on upcoming performances.