Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Acid of All Ruins

Spacey, rhythmic, sparse, minimal, krautrock-inspired.   This is an improv performance by a group of 4 guys from June 15, 2008 on a live radio show on WUAG in Greensboro, NC. Reminds me of parts of some Can albums - and other similar artists from the Kosmiche Musik scene of early 70s Germany; Cluster, Harmonia, Neu!, early Kraftwerk, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, etc... 

One track that runs 33 minutes — but has a few nicely timed breaks of silence here and there, coming off like song breaks.  

If anyone's interested in who's doing what, here's the rundown:

Lloyd Mason: Synth, Djimbe
Lee Gunselman: Synth, Bongos
Justin Swayze: Synth
Andrew Weathers: Various Percussion

For a bunch of people who don't play together as band, they come of sounding really on the same wave length -- so much, actually, it's a little scary at times. 

A really great listen.  Lots of full percussion (played by a percussion major), droney keyboards, blips and bloops, some nonsense chanting, and no guitars.  Experimental. 

Enjoy it here.