Thursday, January 6, 2011

Casual Curious - self titled (2010)

So, I kind of forgot about this blog for a while... But I'd hate to give the impression that there is nothing going on in Greensboro to post about, because there's always something going on if you know where to look. And in the last year many a cool kid's brain has been overtaken with the sparkly hooks and bombastic beats being blasted from the club or house party where Casual Curious is blowing speakers and smashing Casios.

The lineup for Casual Curious has changed a few times over the years, with only the mastermind/songwriter Lee Gunselman staying the same. This album, which features some of his best work, is from the recent period of playing as a duo. Just electronics, samples, synths, piano, effected vocals, and some really great jazz fueled rock drumming make this a must hear record. There's a touch of Krautrock experimentation that slips in and out tying different tracks together and then just when you need it most, deadly hooks rise from the ashes and for a moment you're lost in a pop song before it all comes crashing down again .

Casual Curious is now playing as a 4-piece, putting on super charged energetic shows in the NC area. See them if you can.


4.duke leto
5.body & air
6.get lost
7.done 4 good
9.she song

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