Monday, August 4, 2008

Invisible live on local Fox WGHP

Invisible was asked to play some new material from their recent typewriter/keyboard project live on High Point's local Fox channel.  Little did Fox know, one of the songs they played was making a statement about Fox's biased views.  

The song is called "Binary".  It is about groups of two that compliment and define each other in direct relation to the other.  Not exactly like opposites, but close.  The song starts with everyone's favorite binary, one and zero—as in digital binary code.  Others that follow are: "black:white", "north: south", "up:down", and "hot:cold".  Eventually they start becoming a little less clear, like "hate:love" and "cop:criminal".  A cop should be the complimentary other to a criminal, but that's not always the case here on reality earth.  Finally, just for Fox - Invisible ends on "news:propaganda", followed by a sample of Fox news host E.D. Hill saying "A fist bump? A pound? A terrorist fist jab? The gesture everyone seems to interpret differently."  (in reference to a gentle fist tap exchanged between Michelle and Barack Obama before a speech).  

Did WGHP totally miss the text on the screen and their own infamous racist quote?  Are they just too much of an infotainment factory to catch something poetic and artful? Chances are they weren't paying enough attention, and still aren't.  You'd have to type "fuck fox" or something stupid like that in order for them to see it.  Invisible was truly invisible to Fox WGHP. 

Due to bad lighting, the text can be hard to read, but look closely-  you can still make it out.

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Lloyd said...

hey bart, this is awesome. maybe they didn't notice, but i consider it equally possible that local fox news broadcasters had much more in mind for themselves than working for a faux-news propaganda dispensary and perhaps you guys gave them a glimmer of hope. it's probably the little guys whose job it is to send up the red flags in situations like these, but what if they're on your side?

you guys should have chatted politics off set. or maybe you did. were they assholes?