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SAURUS - The Word Dinosaur Means Terrible Lizard (2008)


Picture this:  A band of musicians dressed in labcoats, posing as doctors of some variety, singing about the last two dinosaurs left on earth—an Avimimus and a Deinonychus.   Behind the band there is a projected powerpoint presentation with a variety of fast moving still dino images for each song.  
The story SAURUS tells is centered around Evie the Avimimus and the Nameless Evil Deinonychus.   It's a classic tale - the Avimimus is good and pure, the Deinonychus is an evil killing machine.  Naturally, they have to battle to death. Naturally.  Who doesn't want to see two pre-historic beasts battle each other to the death?  It's literally a story older than mankind.

As the legend goes, while each dinosaur laid dormant for hundreds of millions of years they accumulated all the soul power from their respective ancestors.   Kind of like the accumulation of the collective unconscious, only in superpowers—or like that Jet Li movie, "The One".  This powerful attribute means that Evie and the Deinonychus are not just battling eachother for sport, it's world domination they're after. (Naturally).          

As an audience member at a SAURUS show you get to vote by way of cheering for which dinosaur you want to win.   If Evie (the good one) wins, the band plays a dance song about having a good time and well... dancing.   If ,Lord help you, Deinonychus wins, the band plays a slow sludgy metal song with a gloomy marching beat— dooming all of mankind to a life of servitude to the tyrannical evil Deinonychus.    

Now as far as the music goes—it's all over the place.   DEVO? Frank Zappa? They Might Be Giants? Black Sabbath?  It's all here.
The album, which tells the entire story of Evie and the Deinonuchus, was released in January 2008 with two covers and two endings—one for each dino.  

Here are some links to videos which include some live footage edited with the powerpoint slides:

"Terrible Claw (Deinonychus's Theme)":

"She's the One (Evie's Theme)":


The musicians: 
Daniel Bullard-Bates - lead vocals, guitar, bass, synths
Andy Savoy - guitar, bass, synths, vocals
Bart Trotman - drums, vocals, bass, old casio and yamaha keys
Cameron Wilkin - guitar (at live shows)
Ben Hirsch - bass (at live shows)
Johanna de Graffenreid - powerpoint operator (at live shows)

SAURUS - The Word Dinosaur Means Terrible Lizard (2008):
1. A Brief History of Dinosaurs
2. A Fateful Discovery   (the story begins)
3. Deinonychus Escapes!  (intro)
4. Terrible Claw  (The Deinonychus Theme)
5. Fever Dreams
6. I Wish I had a Friend  (Children's Story)
7. Evie Interlude
8. A Phenomenological Explanation of the Consolidation of Physical and Mental Attributes Across Familial LInes During the Extinction Process   (the Dance Song)
9. Deinonychus's Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Really Bad Day
10. She's the One!  (Evie's Theme)
11. The Battle: Xtreme Dino Showdown   (Choose your winner!)

12. Avimimus Victory Dance   (The Avimimus Wins Song)

13.  (silent track)
14. Deinonychus Death March   (alternate winner: if Deinonychus had won)

listen to songs, here:

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